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Planning and building a playground is a rewarding, yet challenging experience. Whether you’re updating an existing playground or creating a new one, we can help you make your vision a reality. We will take the time to bring your vision into focus, so let dreaming, planning, and designing begin!

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We realize that every park and playground project is unique and special to those involved.

With a keen awareness of the critical role played by a project’s master plan, Recreational Concepts brings to the planning process, a knowledgeable team with years of experience in site analysis, needs assessment, and regulatory issues.

With our specialized skills and knowledge, paired and our network of innovative product manufacturers, we can play any role necessary to help you get your job done on budget.


We can create the actual master plan for your site, always keeping in mind how the site’s users will best experience the sensory-rich environment. For playground ideas and projects. No matter the work we do, we are sensitive to the capital investment required for park and playground projects, and can advise on ways to phase the implementation of the project to match budget goals.

We can help add new play components to an exiting area using cost-effect solutions.

Retrofitting is adding a component to an existing structure that was not manufactured with the main play area. This can help extend the life of your playground as well as add more play value.

We are enthusiastic partners not only when planning new installations but also when retrofitting existing play areas or structures.

Taking advantage of what is already in place can be a cost-effective alternative to replacing an entire site. And by combining the lasting quality of our products, routine retrofitting structures can extend your existing structures life for many more years. Not only do our products last a very long time and have great warranties but we assist communities truly understand the cost of ownership. Our commitment to being here for you as a Company year after years helps assure we will be around to help update your structure well into the future.

Our close partnership with Landscape Structures, enriches our expanded team to work with you to on a creative plan for you existing installations.

We will bring your current playstructure up to current ASTM & ADA codes and standards, while adding new and exciting play features.

We are a Full Service Specialty Contractor

We support each phase of a project’s vision with a team of experienced project managers and expert certified installers. Let us help you make the process of completing a project streamlined, on budget, on schedule and ultimately, a true success.
Our specialty contractors  provide full-service playground and park construction and installation solutions for both public and private projects here in Tennessee. Unlike other companies, our staff goes beyond project design and supply to offer a turnkey option to include installation and construction services to deliver a fully complete projects.
We offer the following construction support:
•    Site assessment – mobilization, permitting and engineering solutions.
•    Site preparation –  demolition, excavation, grading and utility work
•    Factory certified installation crews with over twenty-five years of experience building playgrounds.
•    Construction and installation –  of site specific amenities, including landscape and concrete features, along with playgrounds, surfacing, shelters and site furnishings.
•    Other Project Support – our extensive experience with public sector projects and the many unique facets involved with such projects prepares us to help you through every step in getting your project built.

These purchasing contracts are here to help you complete your project quickly and effectively. Find out which of these national contracts is right for your organization.

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