add (a component or accessory) to something that did not have it when manufactured.

We are enthusiastic partners not only when planning new installations, but also when retrofitting existing play areas or structures.

Taking advantage of what is already in place can be a cost-effective alternative to replacing an entire site. And by combining the lasting quality of our products, routine retrofitting structures can extend your existing structures life for many more years. Not only do our products last a very long time and have great warranties, but we assist communities in truly understanding the cost of ownership. Our commitment to being here for you as a company, year after year, helps assure we will be around to help update your structure well into the future.

Our close partnership with Landscape Structures enriches our expanded team to work with you on a creative plan for your existing installations.

We will bring your current play structure up to current ASTM & ADA codes and standards while adding new and exciting play features.


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