Custom Work by Rec-Concepts

Explore Endless Adventures with Recreational Concepts

Lausanne Collegiate School

Lausanne Collegiate School includes 14 different playstructures that represent a tour of the world on safety surfacing designed to mimic a world map. Students travel from Cape Horn, South America, to the Great Wall of China without touching the ground, traveling through six continents and interacting with seven monuments with the flags of 18 different countries flying above. The playground includes the ZipKrooz™, a playground zip line, which takes students from the Horn of Africa to Australia. Even more, climbable replicas of Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal provide opportunities for kids to interact, engage in imaginative play and discover the world beyond them while staying active.

Installed: August 2015

Promise Park (Nashville Zoo)

Situated among the trees of Promise Park sits an inclusive tree house-themed playground design that is full of adventure. A fully ramped PlayBooster® playstructure welcomes children and families of all abilities in through the front door where they’ll find lots of house-themed activities like a fireplace, wall clock and windows. Further into the playground structure, there are climbers, slides, tree-themed activities, a sensory tunnel, a man in a tree and so much more. In addition to the sprawling playground structure, there is a We-Go-Round®, Rhapsody® Outdoor Musical Instruments, Global Motion®, hillside slides and climber, a Double ZipKrooz® and a variety of playground swings. Best of all, there are custom SkyWays® shade sails over the playground swings and zipline, plus integrated throughout the playground environment to provide visitors a break from the sun and heat.

Installed: May 2022

Mary’s Magical Place

Mary’s Magical Place creates a magical experience for children of all abilities with its inclusive playground design. A fully ramped PlayBooster® playstructure brings everyone to the center of the action and inclusive play components like the Sway Fun® glider, sensory play panels, and climbers and slides delivers a variety of play experiences. A Netplex® playstructure was also included for 5- to 12-year-olds who crave the adventure of playground net climbers. Loads of freestanding play components like the Double ZipKrooz®, Roller Table, OmniSpin® spinner, We-saw™, Oodle Swing® and more traditional playground swings were also included in the playground design.

Installed: September 2018

Garrison Park

Garrison Park is a dream destination for the whole family. A 7-post Netplex® playstructure delivers tons of playground fun. Playground net climbers, overhead events, bridges to challenge balance, and multiple slides including the rollerslide will keep kids ages 5 to 12 active and engaged for hours of play. In addition to the playground structure, an OmniSpin® spinner and playground swings provide more thrills for playground visitors. Even more, adjacent to the playground is an Aquatix™ spray park.

Installed: July 2019

Pigeon Forge Intermediate

Students at Pigeon Forge Intermediate School beat the heat on the playground with the Venti® with integrated SkyWays® Hypar Shade. Kids ages 5 to 12 will find nets, slides, belts and climbers to challenge their physical development and strategic thinking. This Smart Play® playstructure accommodates entire classes for loads of fun. Also included in this school playground design are six bays of playground swings to allow everyone the thrill and sensory stimulation many kids crave.


Installed: August 2021

Life Church

Life Church delivers a unique playground experience perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and even those ages 6 to 23 months. Centre, a Smart Play® playstructure, welcomes kids ages 2 to 5 by connecting a Loft, Fire Station and Market Cafe with elevated crawl tunnels. Physical activities, imaginative play opportunities and learning prompts provides opportunities for whole-child development. Infants and toddlers were not forgotten in the play space. Nook is packed with activities and messaging to help prompt adult-child conversations. Even more, flower posts and spinners provide more fun, and Kaleidoscope benches were included so caregivers have a comfortable space to take in the play.

Installed: November 2018