We are excited to share that all of our Continuing Education Seminars are now AIA accredited!

Credits for AIA are called Learning Units (LU), and they’re health safety and wellness (HSW) approved. AIA allows for nano-units, or shortened informational programs from 15 to 45 minutes, which provide attendees credit related to the length of presentation. We can also offer standard sessions ranging from an hour to an hour and a half in length.

All of our sessions are AIA accredited, and below please find a sample of the topics we offer:
  • Play It Cool: Have Fun In The Sun With Shade
  • Inclusive Playspace Design: A Planning Guide
  • Trends In Play Space Design: Activity, Engagement And Involvement
  • Everybody Plays. A Guide To Multi-generational Design
  • All Ages All Abilities All the Time
  • A Higher Level Of Inclusive Play: A New Approach To Inclusive Playground Design
  • Maintaining Safe Play Environments: Keep Your Playground Compliant And Fun
  • Design Excellence in Play